special tasks

The company aligns itself alongside the armed forces of the client government with the express aim of satisfying the military strategy by achieving the strategic and operational objectives. This may include not only strategic military input and advice and support at both the operational and tactical levels.

At the operational and tactical levels, the company offers threat and intelligence reporting, reconnaissance missions, project risk management assessments, emergency and contingency planning, strategic target recovery and stabilization, hostage negotiation, aviation security, maritime security, venue security, VIP protection, low-profile convoy escort of personnel and equipment and so forth.

The company undertakes numerous special tasks. These include but are not restricted to:

Advice and strategy development at the political, military, intelligence and law enforcement levels

Doctrine development and integration of tactics

ORBAT reviews and structuring of new/additional units

Risk Management Consultations

Due Diligence

Operational Planning

Emergency Procedure Planning and Implementation

Strategic, Operational and Tactical Advice

Hostage Negotiation and Release Missions

Reconnaissance Mission Planning, Implementation and Management

Security Management and Evaluations

Training of Military Forces, Intelligence Services and Law Enforcement Agencies

Restructuring Programmes for Armed Forces, Intelligence Services and Law Enforcement Agencies

Strategic Target Capture and Stabilization

Covert Intelligence training and advice (military, counter terrorism and counter-crime)

Rapid Reaction Force

Law enforcement advice, support and training

Procurement advice, and support

Logistical advice and support

Equipment research, testing and evaluation

Electronic Counter Measures and Specialised Equipment provision


STTEP’s primary mission is to assist its clients achieve peace, security and stability, as soon as possible and as cost effective as possible.

To achieve this, the company engages in some of the toughest missions in the hostile operating environments. These include:

Counter-Terrorism – train, prevent, advise, deter, respond and mentor

Offensive Counter Drug Operations - train, advise, deploy and mentor

Unconventional warfare – strategise, develop doctrines and tactics, train, deploy and advise/mentor

Semi-Conventional warfare – strategise, develop doctrines, confirm tactics, train, deploy and advise/mentor

Covert/Clandestine Operations – strategise, target, develop plans, train and deploy agents and operatives, manage and advise/mentor

STTEP’s role in advising, mentoring and assisting National Armed Forces, Intelligence Services and Law Enforcement Agencies with restructuring exercises, doctrine and programme development, weapon and weapon platform selection, training and tactics to achieve their desired aims is unsurpassed.

At the strategic and operational levels, STTEP’s experience and advice is constantly sought after.