Highly Trained, Dedicated and Professional

STTEP has extensive experience in training and operating in complex and diverse third-world operating environments and combat zones at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

 STTEP’s trainers and advisors are drawn from conventional, clandestine, and covert units of the pre-1994 South African Defence Force (SADF). This includes operatives from the Special Forces and the South African Police Special Task Force (Counter-terrorist unit). STTEP's professional workforce has in excess of 200 years of military knowledge, combat and training experience, weapon-platform and weapons selection related to land, air, seaborne warfare, law enforcement and intelligence.

STTEP has a proven and verifiable track record of success in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Central/South America. The company is positioned to remain abreast with new tactics, techniques and procedures as well as equipment, allowing it to maintain its competitive advantage.

Our exceptionally high standards, ethics and expertise have been copied by many but rivalled by none. Our successes achieved in numerous theatres of conflict and war has never been equalled.

Each task is managed with strict client confidentiality, honour, integrity, discretion, professionalism and dedication to meet client expectations.

STTEP guarantees success and has never failed in a mission. Failure is never an option.

Our operating philosophy

We do not have "training secrets" as our aim is to ensure that under-siege governments succeed in obtaining their politico-military objectives as rapidly as possible

We are dedicated to providing competitively priced, high-quality services, advice and products that are tailored to meet our clients' unique requirements

We continually broaden our expertise and abilities and strive towards improving our operating capability to ensure the best possible service to our clients

We measure our results against planned objectives that are derived from the clients' strategies and operational designs

We foster a culture of professional competence and integrity amongst our employees and provide them with every incentive to develop their potential

We promote a spirit of client dedication and teamwork throughout our organisation

We respect and work within international law as well as within the law of our clients' countries

We respect our clients' sovereignty at all times

We endorse and support reconstruction and development programmes for a better quality of life and greater opportunities for individuals and communities, regardless of where we operate

We pay the utmost respect to people’s beliefs, religions, cultures and values

We implement sound financial practices to ensure the maximum benefit for our clients

We continually monitor our progress and immediately implement corrective measures if required

code of conduct

STTEP's aim is to assist its clients achieve conflict resolution, conflict containment and environment stability. All contracts, missions, and training exercises in support of governments and private entities are aimed at success. Failure is never an option.

We ensure that all our team members are aware of - and adhere to - our Code of Conduct.

We behave in a legal, moral and ethical manner in our conduct of business.


We exercise honesty, integrity and due diligence in all of our tasks and responsibilities.

We comply with all national laws and regulations, all local laws and respect the customs, traditions and religions of the countries we work in.

We only work for legitimate governments and clients.

We safeguard government and client confidentiality and will never compromise the trust placed in us.

We do not accept nor do we offer any improper gifts, favours or services.

We do not engage in discrimination of any kind involving national origin, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability.


Please refer to the LEGAL page for additional information.